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The band will generally play two approx one hour sets, but we are happy to adapt to fit in with your requirements. We also try to accommodate specific song requests wherever possible. When not playing, CD music can be provided through the sound system to help keep the party going. The band is not suitable for background music for example during a meal. But when the lights go down and you want to party - bring on the Saucy Flapdragons!

Set up and performance times

It takes approx two hours to set up and sound check, so for evening events we will normally arrive well in advance. We will generally aim to finish the second set by midnight, but we are happy to vary playing times to fit in with your requirements. A normal evening would be:

7.30-9.00 CD background music
9.00-10.00 First set
10.00-10.30 CD background music
10.30-11.30 Second set

Space & safety requirements

We need a flat, weatherproof area measuring approx. 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep to accommodate the equipment. If you can provide a larger area, then we can produce a more visual show! Our sound engineer will set up in front and to the side of the performance area. A stage will help your guests see what you are paying for! Most venues and marquee hire companies are able to provide this. If the event is to be held outside we cannot set up and play directly on the ground for safety reasons, so sheets of plywood flooring must be provided as a basic minimum.

The band carries £1 million public liability insurance and all electrical equipment is annually PAT tested.

Power Requirements

For functions held indoors, we need 2 x twin 13Amp socket outlets, connected via a 32Amp ring main circuit, within 5 metres of the designated playing area. For outside events with no mains electricity access, we recommend a generator size of no less than 15kVA, with a minimum of 3 x Single Phase 16Amp outlets, again within 5 metres of the designated playing area please.

We are available to assist with any planning queries you may have before the event, so please do feel free to contact us if you need help. Our standard contract can be downloaded here: PARTY ON!

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