We have split this into 2 sections:

the first section shows the knickers we have had thrown at us during various gigs; and the second section highlights our preference.

M&S best. Normally inoffensive- but thrown by a 15 stone bricklayerParticularly nasty, particularly when worn outside the trousersThrown only once at a gig at the Moulin Rouge in Paris.  Ticklish.
Leopard skin thong, thrown at Sarah with the rolled up socks still insideTiffins of Jermyn Street- later used as parachuteSpeedo Mk V aqualites.  Slippery when wet
C&A sensible knickers.  A favourite of the more mature fanNo one knows what these are, as they seem to have only one leg hole.  Please insert your own Heather Mills joke here.Pretty in Pink Longjohns.  Weights in legs caused bolero effect and almost strangled Steve when they landed round his neck

Please! Pretty please! Pretty please with sugar on top!