The Saucy Flapdragons are:

Sarah Rolph- Vocals and Victoria’s Secret bustier
Nick Daniel- Bass, vocals, soldering iron
Steve Hayman- Drums, bad jokes
Mark O’Hara- Guitar, vocals, weight problem
David Rolph- Keyboards, vocals, tight trousers
Brian Wiseman- Guitar, vocals, attitude

Brian Wiseman: Guitar
Brian in shock as he discovers he forgot to put the guitar on  And Brian can sing too

Upstaging Mark as usual  Constipated Brian

If you don't know the words, just hum Brian  Rock pose Brian

Brian and bottleneck on the Tele

Brian's flying fingers on Flying V

Dark and brooding Brian

Soft focus Brian- easy on the eye


The band is very grateful to Kerry Partridge who took all the photos of the Plumpton gig on 7 April 2007